Democratizing Perpetuals

Long-tail or illiquid. A decentralized perpetual exchange that enables trading on almost any asset you can think of.

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Q1 2023
Vestnet v1

Pricing Engine and Risk Measures

Single-asset private Testnet harnessing risk framework and AMM with risk-based pricing, premium and funding rate.

Q2 2023
Vestnet v2

Multi-Asset Trading and Cross-Margin

Multi-asset private Testnet enabling trading on multiple long-tail and illiquid assets, with cross-margin and additional features.

Q2 2023
Vestnet v3

Liquidity Provisioning

Modern market-making vaults with clear risk and returns for liquidity providers.

Q3 2023
Public Vestnet

Public Battletest

Open Testnet with long tail and illiquid asset trading.
Minimal risk, optimal capital efficiency.

Q3 2023

Mainnet Launch

Mainnet v2

Algorithmic Permissionless Listing